AMERICA at the crossroads

So what about the ideas, the HUGE ideas that we all need;

to re-enact THE NEW DEAL  in America and the world,

the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION II for everybody. Well

I have a plan, the best PLAN. I have conceptualized a MASS TRANSIT

system which would enhance the existing AIR,LAND,SEA modes of

travel, I envision a VTT(Vacuum Tube Transport system)

which is safer than all existing transportation.

The beauty of the plan is not only its enhancement to the continent,

it could link up vulnerable coastal cities which will need to

mass evacuate in the event of a natural disaster.

The design is  sleek and modern with multiple tubes (6)

within a large outer tube. One of the most compelling, and striking

feature of the tube system takes advantage of the static charge

built up between the Teflon ring and the plexiglass. The carrier

tubes could glow different colors, so you might imagine seeing the

tubing below you as you travel in the air with multi-colored streams

of light racing about. The amount of jobs that would be created is

HUGE, and taking into account CHINA, I see no reason why we

should not be able to bargain with them, in light of the fact that

jobs here mean goods are bought from CHINA, they depend on us

we depend on them. This technology built and tested here could be

then exported to the world and further enhance, if not revolutionize

lives. Imagine being able to move to another city, with your stuff,

both riding the tube, not having to FLY, and arriving with your stuff,

which a purpose built truck will deliver locally to your new place.

When I first thought seriously about this technology, having set up

many trade shows and conventions, as a Production Foreman, and

as a Stagehand, I thought the best use of a Tube Transport would be

to link up Orlando Intl. (OIA) – The Convention Center (OCCC).

So that incoming exhibitors could fly in and be able to use the tube

system to go directly to OCCC with their freight. I am not sure the

Cab Drivers would be happy, or the Teamsters, but I see no reason

that peaceful coexistence could not be achieved. Of course after the

2008 crash of the market, and the ensuing debt re-adjustment,

everyone has been gnashing their teeth and wondering what to do

next. Well even though we owe a lot of money to CHINA and others

our Continent is worth much more, and CHINA’s holdings in our

country, are enhanced by our level of infrastructure and the value

it adds to the American continent in which they have a large stake,

Commercially, as well as the productivity and consumerism

levels of all citizens. In fact is see no reason why we could not

make a deal, in which they get equitable ownership of, and revenue

from ridership, and they suspend our interest on our debt to them

for a determined time? The investment would be a Trillion+, however,

with our debt at 14+ trillion, 1.6 trillion more would not hurt us

considering that the continent is worth 300 trillion. The investment

is sound and would create a waterproof, windproof, flood proof, and

possibly earthquake proof, means of high speed multi-destination

travel which could be the answer,  not only in areas where

underground tunnels cannot be made, but Everywhere. Since each

State would be in charge of manufacturing, and construction of their

own systems, jobs would be created all over the US with China’s

help, which brings me to part two of this PLAN, which itself is

HUGE and ties in nicely with the advent of the Tube System and

will itself revolutionize AMERICA. Feel free to comment on

Part 1 of my plan, and I will reveal Part 2 in my next installment.